Social action

We believe we are part of the interconnected web of existence. We celebrate diversity and are committed to working towards a kinder, fairer world.

BUILDING Community

We are committed to building community, both within the church and beyond. As a city church, we reach out to those who live and work near us, whatever their beliefs – including students, residents, refugees, workers and small businesses. We believe in forming partnerships and working collaboratively together. See also Community Cafe.


We make regular collections for our local foodbank. Please bring tins, packets and toiletries and we’ll deliver them.


We are a Silver Award Eco Church with a strong commitment to nurturing the environment, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting biodiversity. Our garden is an oasis of insect-friendly flowering plants. See also Green Team.


We welcome everyone, whatever their sexuality or gender, and support equal rights for all. We are proud to offer same-sex weddings.


We recognise the worth and dignity of all people, whatever their race, culture or colour of skin. We support human equality and oppose racism. We stand up for tolerance, diversity and inclusivity.