About us

We are a small but growing spiritual community with a warm heart. We welcome people of all abilities, backgrounds, cultures, faiths, genders and sexualities. In other words, people like you.

What we believe

We believe we are part of something bigger than ourselves, and share a strong sense of the awe and wonder of the universe, of which we are part.

We find strength and unity in diversity. We come from different faith traditions – and none – and welcome the chance to reach across boundaries and divisions, build loving community, and celebrate our differences as well as all that we have in common.

Unlike most churches, we don’t have a creed. Instead we encourage you to question and to seek your own answers as we explore our spiritual lives together.

However, we do share core values which we aim to live by, both as individuals and as a community.

And you can read our strategy document here:


Whether you come along in person to a service or event, or take part online via Zoom, we look forward to meeting you.