Hymn video list

Purple book (Sing Your Faith)

    2 (P) A promise through the ages rings

  11 (P) Blessed spirit of my life

  13 (P) Bring flowers

  21 (P) Come and find the quiet centre

  22 (P) Come strong God

  24 (P) Come, sing a song with me

  27 (P) Dark of winter

  30 (P) Each seeking faith is seeking light

  33 (P) Enter, rejoice and come in

  35 (P) Find a stillness

  37 (P) For the fruits of all creation

  42 (P) From the light of days remembered

  43 (P) Gather the spirit

  59 (P) Ground, it’s time for your rebirth

  62 (P) Here we have gathered

  64 (P) How can we confine

  66 (P) How wonderful this world of thine

  68 (P) I dream of a church

  70 (P) I wish I knew how

  83 (P) Just as long as I have breath

  84 (P) Justice for persons

  87 (P) Leave behind your bags and baggage

  88 (P) Let it be a dance we do

  90 (P) Let us give thanks and praise

  94 (P) Let us welcome Channukah

  98 (P) Love will guide us

102 (P) May the road rise

105 (P) Nature shouts from earth and sky

109 (P) Now the green blade riseth

110 (P) Now we sing

116 (P) O let us now our voices raise

119 (P) O source of many cultures

125 (P) One more step along the road

126 (P) Open the door

128 (P) Our world is one world

133 (P) Play trumpet, cello, harp and flute

136 (P) Praise the source

141 (P) She comes with mother’s kindness

142 (P) Shining through the Universe

146 (P) Speaking truth in love

147 (P) Spirit of earth, root, stone and tree

148 (P) Spirit of life

151 (P) Strong and steadfast

152 (P) Thanks be for these

158 (P) The flame of truth is kindled

165 (P) The spirit lives to set us free

167 (P) There is a place I call my own

173 (P) Though gathered here to celebrate

175 (P) To seek and find

177 (P) To you who would as pilgrims go

178 (P) Together now we join as one

181 (P) Wake now my senses

183 (P) We are daughters of the stars

186 (P) We are travellers on a journey

193 (P) We laugh we cry

194 (P) We light the flame

195 (P) We sing a love

198 (P) We’ll build a land

199 (P) Weaver God, Creator

201 (P) What shall we say to them

204 (P) When I am frightened

208 (P) When our heart is in a holy place

216 (P) Wide green world

217 (P) Winds be still

219 (P) You are the song of my heart

Green book (Hymns For Living)

    9 (G) So simple is the human heart

  26 (G) Spirit Divine

  33 (G) Do you hear

  43 (G) Universal Spirit

  60 (G) Trust in life

  87 (G) In the bleak midwinter

  91 (G) Midnight clear

  97 (G) The universal incarnation

101 (G) Dear Lord and Father

109 (G) Life’s rebirth

125 (G) One human commonwealth

126 (G) The larger view

133 (G) How can I keep from singing

148 (G) The miracle

151 (G) Be thou my vision

163 (G) Those who seek wisdom

172 (G) Now open wide your hearts, my friends

173 (G) The fellowship of the church

180 (G) This old world

188 (G) Let love continue long

192 (G) A new community

198 (G) The healing of the nations

217 (G) Boldly live, my daughter

226 (G) Song of peace

233 (G) Others call it God

247 (G) A world of wonder

264 (G) Spring buds of hope

267 (G) We sing the roses waiting

271 (G) Give thanks

273 (G) Not by bread alone

280 (G) Morning has broken 298 (G) Living and dying